Hi, I am Lara Fledgier, better known as Lara! I am a British rapper, singer, songwriter and a dancer by profession in South London. Born and brought up at Plymouth, I am the only girl child to my parents who made me sing in church choirs, and singing was a regular part of my life. After completing my degree at Music College in London, my career had its beginning when I decided to take up hip-hop and rap professionally as a solo rap performer in 2014. My album "Never give in" was listed in the top twenty in the year 2015. Later in the year 2016, I made a duo with Mike. Since then I have created some gigs in duo with Mike who is my childhood friend and my co-star in all my performances. We both have performed many concerts and shows and are hugely proud to say that we have a huge fan base in South London. I deem it a pleasure to have got credited from many of my followers across England. I have headed many music festivals in colleges and have taken world music trips as well.

Our Duos first record label by the name Proper Talent which was released in May 2017. Right now, a lot of new artists are blooming in the hip-hop and rap world and having me work in their projects is a tremendous honour to us. I have also won many awards and nominations in the Best Rap Song, Best Rap Album, Best Songwriter, Album of the Year and Record of the Year. I have won the Grammy Award for the Female Solo performer in the year 2014. My solo hip hop album "Never Give in" sold 4 million copies across the UK in the year 2015.