Hip Hop a favourite music genre originated from the United States of America in late 1970. The prominence was not great initially but gradually increased. As the time passed by more and more people, especially the youth got inclined to it. The 980s and 90s actually so a widespread hip-hop movement. Four elements have been considered as the pillars of hip-hop. These included deejaying, rapping, turntabling and B-boying. With the genre of music gaining much popularity all around the world there have been some people who started learning and practising it. Hip Hop has gained popularity across all the continents now. Today's rap reflects the origin of hip-hop culture among young people. Its popularity has widely grown in the music industry. As rapping became popular, DJ and MC Duos are formed. With improving competition, DJs have started to develop their beats using techniques like short drum breaks and to scratch. MCs have begun to strengthen their raps using more complex rhythms and a more natural flowing style.

The first hip-hop music was performed live in the year 1979 by "The Sugarhill Gang" and it became the top ten hits worldwide. Later many more hip-hop records were released. The raps started to be more on poverty, crime, stress, depression, anxiety and other social issues to attract the audience then and now. The mid-1980s is said to be the golden period for the hip-hop in the music world. It was styled as rap-rock with hard rock guitar music. The Raising Hell in 1986 hit the top ten hits list. Licensed to Ill by the Beastie Boys is very popular and the number one Hip-Hop album. The early 1990s Hip-hop started using audio editing software and digital effects of alternative hip-hop such as jazz rap. Like Water for Chocolate and Black Star are popular in this style. Other popular methods of this period are Gansta rap and G-Funk. Hip Hop became the dominant music genre in the 21st century. Successful artists developed in the UK like Dizzee Rascal and Canadas Drake. Female rappers also became successful in the 20th century. Pop singers and rappers started to collaborate since then. Since 2010, underground rap has been created by young artists who released their albums in social media.